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Amazing Final Fantasy cover artist posts his 200th video

You’ve probably never heard of lonlonjp. But this YouTube user has posted tons of videos of him performing glorious guitar covers of some of our favorite videogame songs of all time. In fact, he’s just posted his 200th video. That’s why we wanted to take some time to congratulate lonlonjp on his recent milestone and to thank him for his contributions to the videogame music scene.

The following covers are a few of our favorites and have all been beautifully arranged by lonlonjp. You can always count on him to include details about tuning, capo placement, and the difficulty of each piece. Plus, he always makes sure that you can clearly see his guitar fret, in case you’d like to try learning how to play one of his songs. He primarily performs covers of songs from Square Enix games and often takes the time to arrange covers requested by fans who comment on his videos.

Above: Chocobos of Pulse (FF XIII). Arranged and performed by lonlonjp

Above: Cait Sith’s Theme (FF VII). Arranged and performed by lonlonjp

Above: Frog’s Theme(Chrono Trigger). Arranged and performed by lonlonjp

On hisYouTube channel, lonlonjp describes himself as a "so-so hard nut office worker." But when he's not working for the man, you can find him playing his guitar in front of the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

We know this isn’t a typical story for GamesRadar and that there are lots of other talented musicians who post videogame music covers, but for a select group of JRPG fans who also play the guitar, lonlonjp is an internet icon. Tablatures for his wonderful arrangements are rare and highly sought after on guitar sites, and if you look closely at the comments section for other YouTube users who regularly post game music covers, you’ll find lonlonjp giving his thumbs up with kind words of encouragement. He’s a class act. So if you like what you heard, check out hisYouTube channelfor more great acoustic guitar covers of excellent videogame songs.

July 1, 2010