Alpha Protocol: Shooting and fighting explained

Flechette rounds loaded into your shotgun spray a wide arc of destruction, while phosphorous rounds particularly caught our eye for their ability to set victim’s clothes on fire. As Obsidian point out, it certainly stops them shooting at you, as their duds catch light and go up in

If your inclination runs to a more explosive bent, then there’s also a treasure trove of grenades and explosive charges to explore, from Flashbangs, to hi-ex grenades and even remote detonated mines.

Naturally as you build up your secret agent’s combat skills, you’d expect to gain some tangible benefits from your experiences and these come in the form of the excellent combat perks system. If you’re determined to plough through the game all guns blazing, then perks like Focused Aim, which improves accuracy when used with the assault rifle and shotgun Critical Hit perks will make blowing your enemies away a cinch.

Meanwhile, Chain Shot, allows you to slow down the action bullet time-style and tag up to three enemies with a pointer. When time starts to flow normally again, those bullets will chain together to take down three enemies down simultaneously which is especially handy, for getting the drop when faced by superior numbers.

Above: Use of the Fury perk gives you an injection of 'kickamanintheface'

If you’re more of a hand-to-hand combat specialist, then the Fury perk will temporarily power you up Bruce Lee-style where you can move at deadly speed and deal out furious amounts of critical hits and hacky sockey style damage.

Whether you choose to play as a one man army, a shadowy stealthy type or a lethal hand to hand Kenpo specialist, Alpha Protocolallows you to really build your own unique agent and his approach to combat.

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