Alone in the Dark

Brilliantly, we're told that in Alone in the Dark there are no impassable doors - a la Silent Hill, Resident Evil, etc - just ones you haven't opened (or bashed through). So your exit might be locked, but that doesn't mean you can't get through. Why not use that hefty-looking fire extinguisher by the wall?

Except now you're lugging around such a heavy object, you're left vulnerable to attack from behind. So - here comes the clever bit - you pop open a bottle of flammable liquid, pour a line separating you and your enemies, then set it alight it with your lighter. Now you're safe to bash through the door, as the nasties can't pass the line of fire. Groovy, no?

What most pleased us about this viewing was how omnipresent fire is. Hardly an environment cropped up in our whistle-stop tour that didn't feature some handy inferno. And, anyway, when there's no ready-made conflagration within reaching distance, you can always whip up some heat yourself by messing with your inventory. Playing with fire is going to be a crucial and constant part of Alone in the Dark's gameplay.,