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Alleged Motorstorm 3 screens reveal new setting, zombies

Over the weekend, French site PS3genposted a clutch of blurry, washed-out screens that were reportedly leaked from an as-yet-unannounced MotorStorm 3 (and which appear to havesince been removed). Assuming they're real, they reveal that MotorStorm's next setting will be a crumbling, ruined version of post-apocalyptic San Francisco.

That's already more immediately interesting than muddy cliffs or tropical islands (especially to us, considering most of us live in San Francisco),and it gets even more interesting when the shots unveil what appear to be zombies (or possibly just desperate wasteland survivors) for players to run over.

Above: Shades of Carmageddon

The shots also reveal collapsing buildings, which promise not only dynamic, epic-scale hazards...

... but also destructiblecourses with changing layouts (which isn't exactly anything new by itself, but it'll still be interesting to see what MotorStorm does with it).

Regardless of whether the shots are real (and this close to E3, it's extremely probable that they are), they've already got us excited to see what Sony will unveil next week. Expect to see them officially confirmed (or officially debunked) at the company's E3 press conference next Monday.

Jun 7, 2010

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