"All people want from Haze is monkeys"

Remember TimeSplitters 2? Remember the monkeys? Derek Littlewood sure does - he's creative director on Free Radical Design's intriguing shooter, Haze. And he's so sick of people asking him "but where are the monkeys?" that he's felt moved to speak out and set the record straight.

"There will be no damn monkeys in HAZE," Littlewood roars in an amusing column he's written for our friends at UKXbox World 360 magazine. He goes on: "Not one. Not even a cute little zombified one. Or a robot one. Or a pirate one, or a ninja one. None."

"I remember the days of wholesome fun, us running around the Mexican level in TimeSplitters 2, punching everyone else in the knees," Littlewood chuckles, before turning cold and adding "it was already too late - their reign of power had begun." "Now, all people want from HAZE is monkeys."

Fortunately, there's more to Haze than a simian-shortage. For instance, did you know it's a politically-fueled message (opens in new tab)? Or that it'll insult you (opens in new tab)? Or that it'll only be on PS3 this year?

June 6, 2007

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