Aliens Infestation trailer promises good times with guns and bug hunts

Here's a new gameplay trailer for Sega's upcoming Aliens: Infestation, which is pretty upfront about the game's best selling-point: it's Aliens on your DS with the movie's sights and sounds intact. If you're cultured enough to have a spot in your heart for Metroidvania-style gameplay, get ready for some good times; if not, well, you should have a look anyway. It really looks like the folks at WayForward Technologies, the same studio that brought you A Boy and His Blob for Wii, have put some extra polish on this one.

Aliens: Infestation is a licensed spinoff from James Cameron's 1986 classic, offering “2D side-scrolling gameplay in the style of Metroid or Castlevania with an arcade, retro feel” and – crucially – legit movie enemies and environments, rather than the knockoffs populating approximately 50,000 games and counting. It's not the first licensed free-roaming platformer based on the franchise – that would be LJN's underloved SNES adaptation of Alien3 – but is looking like an old-school treat for DS owners nonetheless. The game launches on Oct 11.

Sep 20, 2011