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Alias 5.16 Reprisal review

The one where APO goes boom! Big-time!

AIR-DATE: 22/05/06

Written by: Monica Breen & Allison Schapker

Director: Frederick EO Toye

Starring: Michael Vartan, David Anders, Mía Maestro

Rating: 4.5/5

APO sets out to bring down Prophet 5. Sensing danger, Sloane works out a deal with Sark and Peyton, which involves them kidnapping Marshall and Rachel. Sloane then requires Marshall to hack into a government computer to find an underground cavern. He refuses and is tortured. Back at APO, Jack brings in Marshall’s wife, Carrie, to help them find his whereabouts. Marshall and Rachel work out a plan to find the cavern, but in a way that will allow APO to find them. Carrie figures out Marshall’s code and they determine their location and that The Twelve summit will be in Zurich. Rachel picks their handcuff locks, they escape and are rescued by APO.

Searching Sloane’s safe house, APO discovers that he is going to Mount Subasio. Syd and Vaughn give chase and find him in an ice cavern with the Rambaldi amulet. Sloane shoots ice below Syd and she drops through.

Meanwhile, Sark has rigged APO with bombs and Tom alerts the team of the situation. Unable to stop the detonation, Tom decides to sacrifice himself to give everyone time to escape. Rachel and Tom say goodbye over the phone and APO blows up.

The endgame is here and this episode not only gets the action moving, it also allows some major characters some time to shine. Marshall gets to give Sloane an awesome tonguelashing. Carrie gets to come back and save her hubby. Tom gets a heroic ending and a poignant moment with Rachel and APO gets one hell of an ending.

Sloane: “There’s no shying away from fate.” Sydney: “I don’t believe in fate.”

Marie Bennett

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