After Life review

A favourite with festival audiences all year, this is an original, beautifully-filmed reflection on life, death and memory - all laced with an ingenious cineastic twist.

The story takes place within a way-station for the dead, set between Earth and Heaven, in which the recently deceased have a week to sift through their memories and decide on one which best defines their life. This memory is then re-enacted on film and sent with them to Heaven.

The quasi-documentary style and use of real people's stories add richness to proceedings, with drama provided by the delicate relations between the dead and the young clerks whose job it is to nudge their memories. And as the clerks start researching, designing and filming each memory for the celestial archive, we realise how much `movie-making' we all do, in our mind's eye, as a way of retaining the past. Stunning.

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