After just 3 days, Super Mario Bros Wonder is the fastest-selling Super Mario game ever in Europe

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Players are buying Super Mario Bros Wonder at record speed, as the side-scroller has officially become the series' fastest-selling game in Europe.

Nintendo of Europe announced the news on Twitter: "Wowie zowie! In its first three days on sale, #SuperMarioBrosWonder has become the fastest-selling Super Mario game ever in Europe. A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this a wonderful launch."

Nintendo hasn't revealed concrete sales numbers for the mascot's newest outing, and there's also no word on how the game is doing globally just yet. Back in 2017, the publisher crowned Super Mario Odyssey as the series' fastest-selling platformer worldwide. Odyssey eventually sold over 25 million copies, so the fact that Wonder is outpacing other titans in the series is a good sign.

Over in the UK, Wonder was reportedly the third biggest launch in the series' platforming history, only behind Odyssey and the limited-time Super Mario 3D All-Stars.  

That shouldn't come as a surprise considering the rave reviews and fan response that accompanied Wonder's launch. Our Super Mario Bros Wonder review called it "an excellent 2D Mario game with easily the most impressive world-building we've seen in this style."

Wonder's smorgasbord of wacky ideas is probably a result of how the developers were allowed to "prioritize content over schedule" - meaning the team ended up with over 2,000 sticky notes worth of ideas. Some ideas were sadly cut, including the "live commentary" feature that I desperately want to hear. 

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