After a $2m kickstarter on a fully-funded game, the strategy game from former Warcraft and StarCraft devs is now looking for even more funding

(Image credit: Frost Giant Studios)

The developers behind Stormgate are looking for players to invest in their studio, after smashing through their Kickstarter goals with over $2 million raised.

As reported by VG247, developer Frost Giant has turned to a new method of funding for its upcoming game Stormgate: equity funding. The developer is looking for fans to invest in the studio itself, and the funding is designed to "support marketing efforts for Stormgate's upcoming Early Access launch on Steam," according to the studio.

"Frost Giant Studios' crowd-equity offering on StartEngine will enable private investors and passionate players to actually be our business partners, to help launch Stormgate in the best way possible – together," Frost Giant CEO Tim Morten said in a press release. At the time of writing, Frost Giant has accrued $43,145.68 from 18 investors.

As noted above, these funds aren't being raised to fund Stormgate, because it's already secured all the funding it needs to be developed. That was before Frost Giant launched Stormgate's Kickstarter campaign, which was designed to add new elements to the game on top of the foundations already established, like a 3v3 mode and "advanced hero customization."

Despite being already funded, Stormgate sailed past $2 million raised from fans via Kickstarter, which is a far cry from $100,000, which is what Frost Giant was originally aiming for when launching the Kickstarter campaign. The final figure came from precisely 28,143 backers on Kickstarter, if you're curious about whether Stormgate has an established fan base already, despite not even having launched.

Stormgate's early access period, which Morten highlights above, will kick off at some point later this year, and Frost Giant plans for it to last right around one year in total. After this, Stormgate will fully launch, which is what Morten and company are now seeking more funding for. 

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Hirun Cryer

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