After 10 years of splitting opinion, it's time we cut Knack some slack

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Knack is a lovable underdog, a little guy who takes on the world. There's something of Knack in all of us, and that's exactly what makes his journey so satisfying. While it may seem strange to relate so strongly to a protagonist with no definable shape, its undeniable that beneath his prickly exterior lie the makings of a big hero.

He may not be human, but Knack's little body is full of heart. Fashioned from an ancient collection of energy infused artefacts, he was assembled by the desperate Doctor Vargas with one specific purpose in mind: to protect humanity from the threat of an invading goblin horde.


Knack excels at giving baddies the whack (Image credit: Sony)

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The exact origins of Knack's individual components are shrouded in mystery, but he soon finds his calling: looking after the doctor, and Lucas his young lab assistant. Together, the trio become a kind of family, with Knack more like an endearing older brother than an intimidating and mysterious ancient weapon.

With a calm demeanour and a natural aptitude for solving problems, he's a great role model for Lucas, but that's not to say that he isn't a formidable fighter when it really counts. Thanks to his unique ability to absorb relics salvaged from the environment to increase his overall size, Knack certainly doesn't stay small for long.

Where other characters take entire games, sometimes even entire series, to grow and develop, Knack is the size of a skyscraper by the end of a single level. Enemies which once posed a threat become ant-like annoyances to be crushed by Knack's gigantic toes.

All of which, when laid bare, makes Knack a pretty special hero. He's not perfect but, 10 years after his PS4 launch title debut, it's time we cut Knack some slack.

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