Advertorial: Share your secrets with ChildLine

Wednesday 27 June 2007
Whether it’s new outfits in Lara’s wardrobe in Croft Manor, having your players ride ostriches on the pitch in PES6 or that funny-for-about-10-seconds big head mode that seems to crop up in every American sports game, cheats are an integral part of the gaming experience.

Unlockable extras, new characters or invincibility and hidden areas – little tricks that can give you the edge over your mates and hidden gems that bring a special kind of joy to every gamer when discovered, or better, when shared with friends.

But remember, not all secrets should be kept to yourself. So we’ve teamed up with ChildLine to support the campaign against child abuse by getting you to participate and help to make a difference. One way you can do this is by creating your own badge and posting it on the online wall at the NSPCC's new Don't hide it website (opens in new tab). Plus at our special NSPCC cheats site (opens in new tab) you’ll find the newest and best secrets, cheats, tricks and easter-eggs for the biggest games new and old.

ChildLine is a free helpline for all children and young people who are worried about bullying, feel they are being abused or are facing any other problems. If you, or a friend, are having difficulties, then ChildLine are always on hand to listen.

If you want to talk, call ChildLine on 0800 1111 or visit the Don't hide it website.

For even more great gaming secrets visit our NSPCC microsite (opens in new tab).