Adaptor solves Guitar Hero II woes

A Guitar Hero II adaptor has been revealed that will solve the problem encountered by many gamers who found that third party guitar controllers for the original game failed to workwhen they started spinningthe rock-out sequel. The affected peripherals include the first Freedom V wireless guitar, the Rocking V and the Shredder from peripheral producer The Ant Commandos.

The adaptor sticks into the PS2 controller port, with the guitar peripheral or its wireless receiver plugged into the other end. TheAnt Commandos website has begun listing the adaptor for $7.

Ant Commandos' web site claims the adaptor will only work onTAC guitars, so if you've grabbed onto a guitar made by some other third party, you may still be screwed. We've got one on the way to the GamesRadar office right now - we'll keep you posted. Fortunately, any Ant Commandos wireless or wired guitar peripheral bought after October 1st will already work with Guitar Hero II.

November 8, 2006

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