Adam Jensen does the Deus Ex Safety Dance

Screw X-ray vision, stealth powers, and super strength. As this little Deus Ex: Human Revolution gem from the interwebs clearly demonstrates, the best weapon in Adam Jensen's arsenal is his ability to dance along to 80s new wave music no matter the threat level.

Bonus Praxis Points to whoever can sing along.

The song - for viewers born outside of greatest decade ever - is The Safety Dance by the Montreal Canadian band Men Without Hats. The video was created by YouTuber Joshua Matter, who wrote: “Some strange ideas come into my head when playing games. This is one of them I had when I was messing around with the cover mechanics and realised you can make Jensen here do a little dance.”

Strange things indeed. Also, hilarious. Matter's other works include a slew of Minecraft machinima, which you can find on his YouTube channel.

Aug 30, 2011

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