ActRaiser hits Virtual Console

Square Enix's awesome ActRaiser has arrived on the Virtual Console as part of the latest three-game update.

For those who never played it, ActRaiser is a unique quest that blends action and platforming with a simulation, god game mechanic. You take control of the Master who has to rebuild his fallen Kingdom that's been conquered by The Evil One.

Flicking between two styles of play (action and simulation), the action mode you battle against enemies to take over (or "pacify") land. Doing so opens up the Simulation mode that has you managing its development and repopulation.

ActRaiser costs 800 Wii Points ($8), in line with all Super NES releases.

Kid Chameleon, a basic and not-so impressiveGenesis platformer has also turned up for 800 Wii Points, along with the strangely-named, comedy action game on Turbografx, J.J & Jeff. That one's 600 Points ($6).

May 29, 2007