Activision talks Guitar Hero III

Activision has finally come out with the juicy info we've been waiting for on Guitar Hero III.

The game, on its way to PS2, PS3, Wii and 360, will pack a host of new features including an expanded online multiplayer battle mode, new boss battles and loads of new unlockable content.

Activision will also put out new wireless guitars for use with the new game, based on Gibson Guitar's Les Paul model for Wii, 360 and PS3, and Kramer models for PS2. These new guitars, which will be made available for every platform, will feature removable face plates, and a new button color design, apparently for a "greater authentic feel and rock experience."

It is not yet known if 360 and PS2 fans will be able to use the existing wireless controllers. While we await a reply from Activision, we'll assume you can.

Above: Expect higher-res visuals and much more rockin' out than GH2, pictured above

Of course, there'll be another new selection of original recorded tracks, and Activision has treated us to a small list of some of the tunes you'll be rocking to come autumn, which are:

  • "Paint It Black" (by The Rolling Stones)
  • "Cherub Rock" (by Smashing Pumpkins)
  • "Sabotage" (by Beastie Boys)
  • "The Metal" (by Tenacious D)
  • "My Name is Jonas" (by Weezer)
  • "Knights of Cydonia" (by Muse)
  • "Rock And Roll All Nite" (as made famous by Kiss)
  • "School's Out" (as made famous by Alice Cooper)
  • "Slow Ride" (as made famous by Fog Hat)
  • "Cult of Personality" (by Living Colour)
  • "Barracuda" (as made famous by Heart)

New downloadable content is also promised - a certainty for 360 and PS3, although we'd put a question mark over Wii for now.

Guitar Hero III, as it's tentatively called, is due out this autumn.

May 23, 2007