Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

What's going on with the game's soundtrack? Ace Zero had a bit of Latin guitar going, other games used techno, what's on tap for Fires of Liberation?
Nakanishi: With every game, we have a specific characteristic for the music, and this time is no different. We have something planned, be it instruments or a full song, we have various plans that I can't go into at this time. However, it will be something we haven't tried before.

Looking back a bit, what was with the Puddle of Mudd song in Ace 5? Was it always part of the game or did that just come at some later point?
Nakanishi: The art director and I knew we wanted to have a licensed song but didn't have a concrete idea for one. Even so, around the middle of the development period we decided that song would be good for the game, so it was pretty early on in the cycle when we chose it.

With such an obvious love of flying, have you actually been able to get inside and fly around?
Isaki: About the only thing we haven't done is get inside one of the jets and go flying. But we have been to various air shows and taken pictures, touched the planes, been in the cockpits and such, we just haven't been flying yet.

Brett Elston

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