Abyss returns while DC preps a Batman creative change

Batman #124 art
Batman #124 art (Image credit: DC)

Batman #124 marks writers Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter's final issue on the title before the new creative team of writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jorge Jimenez takes over with Batman #125. And for their grand finale, Williamson and Porter are digging into a new mystery around the villain they recently introduced, Abyss.

Batman #124 cover (Image credit: DC)

Though Batman thought Abyss was defeated, it seems he's resurfaced - or at least someone has shown back up in his costume - leading Batman down the trail of a new investigation. In a new preview of Batman #124, the Dark Knight Detective sets out to find the returning Abyss, jetting off to Badhnisia to hunt down Abyss.

Batman has only just returned to Gotham after a period of absence from the city, so whatever the new or returning Abyss is up to, it's enough to get Batman back out of the cave so soon.

Here's the preview of interior pages and covers:

When Zdarsky takes over with Batman #125, he'll also bring in a new threat for Gotham and the Caped Crusader named Failsafe, who has been described as "Batman's Doomsday," referring of course to the monstrous Kryptonian villain Doomsday who once killed Superman.

But Zdarsky may also be planning some interesting developments for at least one classic Batman villain with the potential return of the three Jokers from the 2020 limited series Batman: Three Jokers.

However, before then, Batman will have to wrap up whatever's left of the mystery of Abyss in Batman #124, which goes on sale June 7.

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