A Walk On The Moon review

Diane Lane is Pearl Kantrowitz, a Jewish housewife ripe for deceit in this summery slice-of-life `60s rom-com. The action unspools in a Jewish Butlins-type holiday camp in New York State just a few miles from the town of Woodstock. Outside the kosher bungalow compound where Pearl is holidaying with her two children and mother-in-law, the Summer Of Love is in full swing and the first man is about to step onto the moon.

Back in the city, Pearl's repairman husband Marty (Schreiber) is deluged with inquiries about broken TV sets as the Apollo 11 mission nears its target. And his restless wife is left to wonder why she married so young and decides to seek solace, as well as some wild sex, with hairy hippy Viggo Mortensen.

Schreiber and Lane are wonderful, but the film itself is heavy on period detail and light on any directorial mastery, which leaves you wanting more, but not for the right reasons.

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