A scarier Scarecrow has got the Dark Knight where he wants him in Batman #107 preview

Batman #107
(Image credit: DC)

Writer James Tynion IV and artist Jorge Jiménez continue their reinvention of classic Batman villain the Scarecrow in April 6's Batman #107.

(Image credit: DC)

In this preview of the issue's first four pages, Tynion and Jiménez paint of picture of a Gotham City increasing in the grips of fear and panic after A-Day, the poisonous gas attack on Arkham Asylum as seen in the pages of March 2's Infinite Frontier #0.

The opening images also continue the scene set hours or days ahead of the main plot, with whoever is under the creepy, chaotic new Scarecrow costume, trying to break Batman's sanity in A Clockwork Orange kind of way.

Or seemingly in the Scarecrow's twisted way, he wants Batman's fear to help instill clarity.

"I wanted to do a story about fear. There are two fears. Who have we been and who are we going to become?" Tynion recently told Newsarama in an interview about the current story arc.

"There are different entities in Gotham, in this story that represent both of those fears. It's pitting both of those fears up against each other and making them fight with Batman trapped in the middle, who is obviously someone who is very shaped by traumatic fear in his past but is also very worried about the future of Gotham City. That sort of lays all of the thematic groundwork for what we're doing with the series."

Check out the preview pages along with the covers by Jiménez and Francesco Mattina, and a couple of previously released first look pages in our gallery.

Go in-depth with how Jorge Jiménez made the Scarecrow even scarier in our recent interview with the artist.

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