A RocknRolla trilogy?

Looks like three may be the magic number for Guy Ritchie. He took long enough to recover from Swept Away to bring us the confusing Revolver, but now Lock Stocker Ritchie’s firing on all cylinders with his latest crime epic, RocknRolla. And according to one of the stars, it’s just the start of something trilogy-shaped.

Thandie Newton blabbed to MTV that “RocknRolla” is one of three films and Guy’s keen to get going on that straight away. The second and third films in the series are going to be excellent. I can’t wait.”

We think Snatch-man Ritchie should maybe wait and see how the first one does before committing (imagine a Revolver trilogy... shudder), but it certainly sounds like he’s up for it.

Source: ( MTV )