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A PSVR starter kit with AstroBot + DOOM for under £180 from Amazon? That's an absolute steal

A PSVR starter kit with AstroBot for under £180 from Amazon

Picking up a PlayStation VR, Sony's PS4 exclusive virtual reality headset, in the vast swathe of Black Friday game deals that are about to come up is always a great idea. Not only are there tonnes of amazing PSVR games you should really check out, but it always makes an entertaining experience for all your guests over the seasonal period. Grandma, in a VR headset, straight on Instagram? Get in. But actually, although Black Friday hasn't technically started yet, Amazon has kicked things off early and has a deal for a PSVR, complete with Starter Pack and a copy of Astro Bot Rescue Mission and DOOM for just £179. That's over £30 off.

Getting a PSVR complete with a lovely package of games right out of the box is an absolute must have, and at this price, I'm thinking of buying another one. 

PSVR Starter Pack + Astro Bot Rescue Mission + DOOM for £179 at Amazon (save £30)
Save yourself over £30 on this amazing package of PSVR gaming goodness from Amazon, which should keep the entire family busy over Christmas.View Deal

We've trawled the internet and right now you're not going to find even just the PSVR Starter Pack (which comes complete with PlayStation VR Worlds game and the PlayStation VR) for under £250. So getting that, plus an amazing game, for under £180 is almost insanity. Glorious, money-saving, insanity. Go on, your eyes deserve a treat. And don't forget to keep those half of one of those eyes trained on our constantly updated Black Friday PS4 deals for more gaming deal goodies.

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