Holy crap, a PS4 Slim has apparently leaked. Here's everything we know

A PS4 Slim has apparently been put up for sale on Gumtree (opens in new tab) which is a surprise to say the least. Here's what the original listing looked like: 

Obviously the internet has gone nuts, mainly crying 'FAKE' while also sorta hoping it's real. One guy allegedly contacted the seller to find out more and it soon sounded, to use an English phrase, 'well dodge'. 

While that talk of basically buying it to find out if it's real sound extremely suspect, the seller soon apparently realised that a sale depended on some proof and posted some pics (opens in new tab) of it out of the box which you can see in this gallery.

If it's a fake then it's a beautifully crafted one (check out the PlayStation symbols on the base). It wouldn't be the first time some one made an expertly crafted con: that NX 'leak' (opens in new tab)got every one going. 

Other people have pointed out the similarity to the Sony 4K media player, suggesting either providence for the design or an easy reference for faking it. 

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However, it's all changed now @sshortmaneighty2 (opens in new tab) says he's bought the bloody thing. 

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That's led to pictures showing port porn and size comparisons. 

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People have been quick to note a lack of an optical out, likely as a money saving measure. Same for the 500GB HDD, although @shortmaneighty2 says there's an access bay on the right. 

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It is at least 'VR ready', which makes sense given the huge push that's about to get - a cheap Slim + PS VR bundle would be a huge win for Sony and it certainly makes no sense to release new hardware that couldn't do it. 

There's more from the same guy, via PushSquare, including this size comparison: 

As you can see, most of the reduction seems to be from thickness, rather than scale overall. Theres's also a few more pictures (same source) showing what's in the box and the new buttons. 

There's been rumours of a PS4 Slim announcement (opens in new tab) since June this year so it's not like this isn't possible. As one forum poster pointed out this could well have been lined up for 'and you can buy it right now' style surprise at what is suspected to be the PS4 Neo reveal in September (opens in new tab)

Presumably everyone's uncle who works at Sony is getting a phone call right about now. 

What do you think? 

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