A new Borderlands 3 trailer is here and I can't breathe, it's perfection

Well, we've got a new trailer for Borderlands 3 and just watching it has made me want to get up and kick some crap around the room. Calypso Twins, if you come near me, I'm gonna break ya. That's the main thrust of the trailer, as it's reconfirming that nah, Lilith and her buddies aren't super into being ruled over by the new devious duo. Plus we get a better glimpse at Maya and her little friend (who looks like she's trying to imitate her Siren powers), as well as a homage to Lilith's introduction in the first game, and oh yeah, Lilith isn't a Siren anymore?! WHAT?!

It's ok, I've caught my breath now. Okay, so Tyreen has probably stolen Lilith's Siren powers somehow, proving that Sirens can exist without their powers and that for Tyreen, she now knows she can sap away the powers of the other Sirens in the galaxy. Not good news. Count the Sirens was one of the hidden messages in previous Borderlands 3 posters and trailers, so it looks like part of Borderlands 3 might have you trying to prevent Tyreen from stealing anymore Siren powers. Because if she does, she'll basically have enough Eridian space magic in her veins to be a god. No thanks. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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