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A Monkey's Tale review

A Monkey's Tale follows two tribes of - you guessed it, monkeys, separated by decades of mistrust and ignorance, until the rebellious Kom (Hill) falls from his tribe's treetop world into that of his sworn enemies. But when he realises that his supposed enemies are no different to him, he sets about bringing an end to the years of mutual disenchantment. Unbeknownst to him, the malevolent Chancellor Sebastian (Hurt) has other plans. It's up to Kom to stop the hideous primate before he manages to destroy the two tribes' newfound unity.

Although this is an adequate animated feature with some strong visual images and well-rounded characterisation, A Monkey's Tale has an overly moral tone which restricts the fun aspects that you'd expect of a kid's 'toon. Even worse, the musical numbers are so poor that it'd shame a Townswomen's Guild production of Evita. Sadly average.


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