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Official PlayStation Magazine is back with a new fresh look to go alongside the PS5, filled with the same dedication to bringing you the latest on all things PlayStation. New, exclusive access to upcoming games, detailed reviews, interviews direct with developers themselves, and more

We cover not only the biggest games on the (ahem) horizon, but also spotlight others that should be on your (double ahem) games radar. And an expanded retro section celebrates the history of PlayStation, from PS1 onwards, every single issue.

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Multiple subscriber covers to celebrate the reviews special

Official PlayStation Magazine subscriber covers

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It's true, if you've not already subscribed then you're not going to be able to get any of these limited variants easily. But they look great, so we wanted to show them off anyway, and to remind you that every issue has a unique subscriber cover (with less text than the newsstand version), including special split-runs like these.

Whether it's Haven's incredible artwork, or a gorgeous render of the Spider-Man suit from 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man (a new addition to Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered), there's plenty of favourites on show. Martin Bigg's been collecting since Issue 1, if you want some inspiration.

Letting the games shine

Jett: The Far Shore

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2020 might have been the year of the PlayStation 5's launch, but 2021 is the year where it will really pick up even more steam. We've got access to the developers of Jett: The Far Shore, one of the most exciting games of next year. Thanks to the redesign, we're able to showcase the console's improved visuals to get you closer to the games you're looking forward to playing.

Little Devil Inside

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Plus, we have exclusive access to Little Devil Inside, the game that stole our hearts in the State Of Play, promising big action that makes our little characters feel small, but with a lot of heart.

Become an insider

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

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We quiz the co-creators of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, and see the game in action on PlayStation 5. The animated movie quality graphics look beautiful in motion, and it's filled with amazing little touches of animation that make it feel like you're playing a Pixar-quality movie. It's really taking full advantage of the new hardware.

The Insider section is our evolution of News, shining the light on what's going on in the world of games, from deeper looks into the latest events, talking candidly with developers about what goes into making games, and shining a spotlight on the players (we won't spoil you on our new photo mode competition, but the entries were something special).

Going retro

Retrostation: Ridge Racer

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Even retro needs to freshen up once in a while. The new look RetroStation is bigger than ever, one area we've expanded due to reader demand. Thanks to the redesign, we have more room to delve deeper into PlayStation's celebrated history, and even to feature old screenshots. Sometimes low-poly can make your heart just as full as the fancy 4K shots you'll spot at the front of the mag.

How else could we kick off the relaunched section other than with Riiiiiiiidge Raaaaaacer? Simple, elegant, it's aged like a fine wine. (Why? Well, give it a read!). We also give you a Brief History Of Lara Croft, interview one of the devs behind Spider-Man (not Insomniac's, the one on PS1), highlight some of PS Now's best, and defend a legend in Ratchet & Clank.

The reviews special

Immortals Fenyx Rising

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But what would a Reviews Special be without the reviews? Bringing you heaps of PS5 and PS4 verdicts, this is one of the biggest reviews sections we've ever done. The new look allows us to show you more of the game with some bigger screenshots, and highlight the need-to-know data, whether that's how long you can expect the game to last you and the price, or the accessibility options provided.

Immortals Fenyx Rising leads the section, with noted Zelda enthusiast and former NGamer and Official Nintendo Magazine editor Matthew Castle taking the reigns. Just how much is it really "Ubisoft do Breath Of The Wild"? Well, he'll tell you. INSIDE!

We also dive into Demon's Souls, perhaps the biggest true new-gen exclusive; detail how Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered makes use of new tech; dive through bullets in Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War; invade England in Assassin's Creed Valhalla; suit up in our armour in Godfall; whizz across the land in The Pathless; drop some beats in Fuser; and (catches breath) tell you if the new Destiny 2 expansion is worth it. Plus plenty more besides.

We also introduce Update reviews, giving a new verdict on PS5 versions of games that previously released on PS4, so you know whether they improve substantially or not.

That's... quite a lot of stuff! 2021 is going to be huge for PlayStation, so keep an eye on the magazine for the latest (and also the greatest).

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Oscar Taylor-Kent

PLAY editor Oscar Taylor-Kent first joined Official PlayStation Magazine in 2018, and was involved with the long-standing mag’s rebrand into PLAY before becoming editor. Despite being a PlayStation expert (and noted PS Vita apologist), he’s got fingers on many buttons, having also written for GamesRadar, SFX, PC Gamer, Kotaku, Waypoint, Official Xbox Magazine, GamesMaster, PCGamesN, and Xbox to name but a few.

When not knee deep in character action games, JRPGs, and visual novels, he’s often found reading books, manga, or binging anime. His current favourite games include Devil May Cry, Persona, Ace Attorney, and Hakuoki.