9 No Man's Sky things you need to know: death, saves, offline play and more...

Between No Man's Sky's Day one patch and the lack of any No Man's Sky reviews, info is pretty sparse. However, we've got code and we're playing it now so watch out for more No Man's Sky info as we go. But, more importantly, what we've managed to play so far has dug up some vital info and details that you'll probably want to know about. So watch the video for new footage and key facts. Here's a run down of the details: 

Will everyone start with the same ship, in the same location?

Short answer No. Long answer, No - everyone starts No Man’s Sky on a unique planet on the outer edge of its galaxy. You start with a basic multi-tool (the game's combined gun and do everything... thing) and a low level ship which is broken that you must fix before setting off to explore. 

Can you customise or get new ships?

Yes, getting new ships is a big part of the game. The first one is basic and has a limited storage capacity, weapon system, shields and hyperdrive (it’s a bit rubbish, basically). But Hello games say you can upgrade it or just ‘obtain’ a new one as you play. We hope that by ‘obtain’ they mean 'steal'.

How do player discoveries work?

When you scan undiscovered flora, fauna or a planet in No Man's Sky you log it in your personal inventory and get to name it. These are then uploaded to the Atlas Directory where other players will be able to see them. You’ll also get some in-game money for doing so, meaning you could just spend time exploring and making a fortune (or at least enough to eat from time to time).

How does the save system work and what happens when you die?

If you die it’ll directly impact your journey in the game. Resources will be lost and tech will be damaged meaning you’ll have to find things to fix it. When you respawn - either at a save point on a planet or the nearest space station - it’s possible to revisit the same point you got killed and collect lost resources. But, like in Bloodborne and Dark Souls, if you die again everything's gone for good. 

Will there be a profanity filter for naming things?

Yes. Anything you find that hasn't already been discovered you get to name. But you’re not going to be able use banned words and you can expect Hello Games to have a pretty long list, so play nice. 

Can No Man’s Sky be played offline?

You don’t need to be online to play No Man's Sky but you won’t benefit from network features. You don’t need PlayStation plus either but you won’t be able to upload or download discoveries without it. Basically, you're on your own. Well, even more on your own than already being lost in a near infinite universe. 

What happens after No Man's Sky's release?

Hello Games' co-founder Sean Murray says “if I have one wish, it’s that enough people like the game to allow us to continue to work on it. There is so much more, so many ideas that we wish we could explore in No Man’s Sky. From multiplayer to building, to land vehicles and everything in between. For as long as the community will allow us, we will support the game with free updates”.

No Man's Sky's day one update already adds things like animal farming and taming, while talk of the next step includes base building and the ability to take control of the game's huge cargo ships. 

Where’s our No Man's Sky review?

Our No Man's Sky review is on the way, but with code only sent out a day before release and a huge day one No Man's Sky patch  just released, it would be unfair to review it straight away. So we’ll be keeping you updated with features, reports and diary videos before our overall verdict. 

In the meantime we’ll have loads of No Man’s Sky content for you to read about and watch over the next few days and weeks, so let us know your questions in the comments below.

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