7 upcoming racing games jockeying for position

It’s all gone wrong. In a good way

The first TDU was a flawed, but ambitious open-world racer – but the sequel’s back on track. The original Hawaiian island makes way for Ibiza, the Mediterranean heaven packed with World Heritage Sites and uber-clubs where the likes of Pete Tong and Carl Cox so brilliantly put on CDs. As a ‘Massively Open Online Racing’ game, you need plenty of space to roam. Eden Studios is attempting to blend the online and offline world seamlessly, Burnout-style – even the storyline can be continued in the multi-player world.

Once again there’s the fun /horrifyingly shallow aspect of consuming brands and hoarding stuff besides cars: apartments, sofas, TVs the size of orphanage walls. There’s damage now, changing weather, day-to-night cycles, new race types, new vehicle classes and ‘environmental challenges’. Oh, and load of cars. If Eden Games can work out how to build some fun road layouts, this is going to be a corker.