7 Directors Cuts You Didnt Realise You Wanted

Director’s Cuts seem to be everywhere, but there are some movies that could still benefit from some editing and extra scenes.

Clive Barker is attempting to get a new version of Nightbreed whacked on to DVD, so we thought we’d take a look at some other movies we thought might be candidates…

The Film: The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The director(s): Eduardo Sánchez/Daniel Myrick

Director’s comment: “The first time we cut the movie, we knew it was too long - it was about two and a half hours.

“There's a lot of good stuff that didn't make the film. I'm really happy with the film and I think we cut it as well as we could.

“There's plenty of fan interest, though not so much from Lionsgate, but I really would love to put out a two-and-a-half hour version of the movie on DVD; like a Criterion edition with a bunch of extra footage.”

What could be found on a new disc? Given the loose, first person style of filming for the indie horror, there’s naturally a lot of footage left over.

You could probably make an entirely separate film from what the lads had left over once they’d edited the thing down.

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