Your 6-step guide to making the Max Payne Face

As part of a video made to celebrate Remedy's 20th birthday, company founder Sam Lake proved that his greatest skill still stands by providing a six-step guide to making the (in his arrestingly magnificent accent) "MARX PAYN KRIMACE". I provide it in full above. If you'd like to see it all in one go, I have made this reference in gif form:

If you do want to copy this guide, Remedy are looking for you to make videos celebrating their illustrious history of virtual violence, complete with a grimace of your your own - for which you could win a trip to the company birthday party in Finland.

Incidentally, the video is set in Bullet Time, with bullets frozen around Lake as he speaks. In the background, you can spot Official Xbox Magazine and PC Gamer covers - I am fairly sure this makes the two magazines an official part of the Max Payne Universe, and will tout this fact until Remedy tells me otherwise.

1. Push your chin forward

2. Straighten your nose

3. Narrow your mouth

4. Lift your cheeks up

5. Squint your eyes

6. Arch your eyebrows

7. Create an explosion directly behind you (optional)

For comparison

Joe Skrebels
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