6 Reasons why kids should play GTA

Rockstar will be ready to meet their claims with the old "GTA is intended for adults... not for children under 17" standby. And that's a perfectly reasonable argument for them to make, if only to stay ahead of the next frivolous and inevitable lawsuit.

What bothers me is when my fellow members of the enthusiast press dutifully follow suit. Whether we’re advocating parental responsibility, or humorously pointing out something flippant along the lines of, “Mature - it’s right on the box, dickhead!” I refuse to believe so many of my colleagues’ personal opinions fall in line with that of the media watchdogs and the ESRB. Plus, to do so adds legitimacy to the bullshit claim that playing Grand Theft Auto is somehow dangerous, potentially corruptive or inappropriate for children at large.

Above: All of this should be yours

I’m not playing Devil’s advocate. I believe games can be art. I believe Grand Theft Auto is art. I believe the appreciation of art to be ageless. And to avoid being fired, I should probably rattle off that the opinions in this article are mine, and not necessarily those of GamesRadar, because I genuinely and wholeheartedly believe that kids of all ages should be able to buy, play and enjoy Grand Theft Auto IV.

Take a walk, Thompson.