6 more Square Enix games are reportedly coming to Xbox Game Pass

6 more Square Enix games are reportedly coming to Xbox Game Pass
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More Square Enix games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon, according to IGN Korea.

Phil Spencer’s trips to Japan seem to be yielding even more positive results for Xbox players. According to a tweet by IGN Korea, it’s an open industry secret that Square Enix is bringing at least six more games to Game Pass. This news came off the back of IGN Korea’s review of Octopath Traveler, previously a Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG which was recently released on Xbox Series X and added to the Xbox Game Pass lineup.

Xbox and Square Enix clearly have a close working relationship at the moment, as upcoming looter shooter Outriders will be on Game Pass day one. Outriders is a shooter RPG hybrid that has drawn a lot of comparisons to Destiny both for its visuals and gameplay style, the class-based shooter also has more than a few unique tricks up its sleeves to set it apart.

As to what these six games coming to Game Pass are, it's not currently clear. We already know that the rest of the Final Fantasy catalogue will be filtering into the service throughout 2021, but that's already been publicly announced so is unlikely to be the subject of this leak. We also know that the stunning-looking Forspoken, previously called Project Athia, is a timed console exclusive for the PS5 so that won’t be coming to the Xbox for at least two years post launch. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a potential option, given that it was a timed exclusive for the PS4 when it launched last year. We know that the timed-exclusivity agreement ends in April 2021, so we might be seeing Cloud and pals on an Xbox console sooner than you think.

There is also nothing to suggest that these Square Enix games coming to Game Pass will be exclusives. Outriders is coming to multiple platforms and yet it is launching into Xbox Game Pass, so there is no reason why other upcoming games from Square Enix couldn’t do the same.

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