50 Worst Comedy Movies

The Holiday (2006)

The Movie: A thoroughly anaemic festive romcom, boasting one of the genre's least convincing relationships in the Kate Winslet / Jack Black hookup.

Worst Gag: The horribly cringe-inducing moment when Black starts wooing Winslet with a series of goofy keyboard riffs.

Fool's Gold (2008)

The Movie: How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days , minus the intriguing set-up, most of the clothes and all of the humour. How many rom-coms can you think of with sudden bouts of violence thrown in?

Worst Gag: Silly old McConaughey sinks his ship in the first few minutes.

Not much of an adventurer, is he? Ho ho ho.

Vampires Suck (2010)

The Movie: It's difficult to know who a Twilight parody is aiming for, as fans won't be impressed and non-fans won't be interested.

So it is with Vampires Suck , which lives up to its name with aplomb.

Worst Gag: A Tiger Woods gag, seemingly thrown in to fill time. As you do.

The Hot Chick (2002)

The Movie: Rob Schneider gets his gurn on in this high-concept farce, playing a teenage girl trapped in a grown man's body.

Let the mincing and flouncing commence!

Worst Gag: The frantic mugging that greets the initial transformation, compounded by the knowledge that there's plenty more to come…

Town And Country (2001)

The Movie: A creaking comedy hanging around the unlikely premise of marital infidelity, in which a group of unlikeable rich fortysomethings jump from one bed to another.

Dated in the extreme.

Worst Gag: The positioning of ageing Warren Beatty as a spritely womaniser and the central source of humour is largely why the film sinks without trace.

Me, Myself And Irene (2000)

The Movie: The Farrellys burst their own gross-out bubble in this resolutely unlikeable exercise in attempting to shock the audience.

Crude without the counterbalancing sweetness of their better efforts.

Worst Gag:
As Jim Carrey takes a shit on a neighbours lawn, The Mask seems a long time ago…

The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle (2000)

The Movie: A big-screen version of the popular cartoon, featuring an earth-shatteringly dismal performance from Robert De Niro as the villain of the piece.

Worst Gag: De Niro's send up of his Taxi Driver persona is just plain depressing.

Boat Trip (2002)

The Movie: A pair of buddies find themselves conned into attending an all-gay cruise.

An all-gay cruise that still seems to have a couple of stone cold hotties on board.

You can fill in the blanks yourselves.

Worst Gag: Roger Moore's eyebrow is perma-cocked as he prowls around as a fruity old lech.

Stay well clear, Bond fans.

Little Man (2006)

The Movie: Textbook Wayans brothers grotesquery as Marlon plays a two-foot jewel-thief posing as an infant.

It's quite the film that manages to exhaust you with its premise alone…

Worst Gag: The inevitable breast-feeding routine. Jesus wept.

Kangaroo Jack (2003)

The Movie: A pair of chancers have a suitcase full of mob money stolen by a rogue kangaroo.

Even for a kids movie, this is seriously stupid.

Worst Gag: Poor Anthony Anderson is forced to strip down to his jeans, paint himself in tribal markings and then allow a job-lot of ants to crawl up his inside leg. Dignified, it ain't.

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