50 video game haikus for the poetic gamer

Since mankind first crawled from the primordial ooze, gamers have sought newer and more creative ways to express their love of video games through the subtle medium of haikus (it’s true – shut your mouth). Following in this spirit of literary expression, GamesRadar has unleashed the poet within to provide a more distinguished look into many of our favorite video games. Feel free to let these poetic contemplations inspire your own muse and share your haikus in the comments. Remember, the form is five beats, then seven, and then five again.

Street Fighter


This isn't so bad.
Just jump the Hadouken and...
F$%&! Shoryuken...


Shadow warrior...
Bushinryu adepts know
Ninjas wear sneakers.


The Killer Bee’s back
She still wears thong leotards
Thank you, God…thank you.

M. Bison

Shadaloo villain;
Astounding resilience.
Dead - not dead…what gives?


Spanish ninjutsu
Means I get steel claws; you don’t.
Bloody High Claw, bitch.


Impossible hair;
Theme goes with everything.
Eyebrows are for wimps.


Master assassin
Been dying since forever
Leukemia sucks.


Oh shit; not again
Stay away stay away stay…


Demon warrior
Always killing M. Bison
Never seems to take.


Stretchy Indian
The worst pacifist ever
Bitchin’ theme music.

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