50 Reasons you're a crappy customer

26. People who trade in DS systems for PSP systems.

27. People who trade in PSP systems for DS systems.

28. Kids trading in really good, now-hard-to-find games (Killer 7, Zelda Collector’s on Cube, et all) for Avatar, Naruto, DragonballZ, or other "Shonen Junk."

29. Kids who buy a single game and insist that’s all they’re getting. Then, two minutes later, they bring up another game to buy. Then, two minutes later...

30. People who break open the plastic wrap on strategy guides so that they can thumb through them in the store. Hey! We already opened one for ourselves!

31. People who spend nearly an hour in the store, looking at every display, un-alphabetizing every game, handling every game controller, and then leave.

32. Teenagers trying to return 360 games that were obviously scratched by the event of moving the system while it was running. Perfectly circular scratches.

33. People who think Gamerscore means something.

34. People who don’t understand that Gamerscore means everything.

35. Parents getting upset that the trade-in value of a 3 year-old sports game is now merely a shadow of the $60 they bought it for brand new.

36. Anyone who bought the crappy plastic 3rd party “Sports Pack” for the Wii.


37. Kids who pay in change and only change.

38. Fun haters. They usually call themselves "hardcore gamers." They've forgotten that games are supposed to be fun, not torture.

39. People who interrupt you helping a customer to ask really stupid questions like "So when does Metal Gear Solid 4 come out on 360? What about for Wii?"

40. People who believe that every release date they read on the interweb is set in stone. See Haze, Too Human...

41. "Friends" who pressure friends into buying games so that they don't have to. Usually because they're broke.

42. Kids who send Mom in to get a Dragon Ball Z game and don't specify which one they want. There are like 20 DBZ games. Seriously.

43. Genre-specific gamers. Just because you like to shoot stuff doesn't mean you can't try something else. There's a lot more out there.

44. Anyone who doesn't understand the concept of sales tax. It not a new thing. Bring enough money, kids, c'mon...

45. Guitar Heroes who hate on Rock Band and vice versa.

46. People who disregard the fact that LEGO Star Wars is amazing because they think "it's a kid's game."

47. Kids who don't believe us when we tell them that there are no new games coming out on Xbox or Cube.

Above: A glimpse of things never to come

48. The guy you don't know who tries to chat with you when you're obviously the only one working and have a huge line of customers.

49. People who ask directly for the manager because they think no one else would be able to help them. Yeah, you're right, none of the staff knows if GBA games play on the DS. Glad to get a phone call at home about that one...

50. Kids that don’t visit GamesRadar.com [Ed. Note: Booyah!]

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Apr 15, 2008