50 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movies Of All Time

Judge Dredd (1995)

The Hilarious Movie: Stallone turns 2000AD's most celebrated lawman into a bawling, snarling shouting machine, who manages to turn the character's well-loved catchphrase into a mirth-inducing party piece. For shame.

Funniest Moment: It has to be Dredd's hoo-ha heavy confrontation with Rico, in which the two men yell the word "law" at each other until it loses all meaning. Heavyweight acting right there.

Beaks (1987)

The Hilarious Movie: This is basically The Birds with shoddy effects, terrible acting and a series of preposterous theories spouted by various "experts" about how the birds are following orders from some unseen power. Hitch would not be amused.

Funniest Moment: The following hypothesis, delivered with deadly serious gravity. Remember it's birds we're talking about: "Birds just don't cluster and follow someone around like that… it seems organised, like these birds are on a recon, preparing a war!" Course they are...

Knowing (2009)

The Hilarious Movie: Nic Cage is as entertaining as ever in this slice of apocalyptic hokum, sporting an improbable back-combed hairdo and generally hamming things up as only he can. Angrily shouting at a burning man to stop and talk to him is one highlight that particularly sticks in the memory.

Funniest Moment: Cage's character loses his shit in spectacular style, knocking seven bells out of a tree with his trusty baseball bat. As you do…

Cool As Ice (1991)

The Hilarious Movie: Whichever studio head thought a rap-centric remake of Rebel Without A Cause was a good idea, probably needs their head examining. Whoever then thought to cast Vanilla Ice in the leading role… well, words fail us.

Funniest Moment: Ice rolls up to Cathy and her boyfriend, his appearance hailed by the kick-in of some funky '90s beats, and urges her to "drop that zero and get with the hero". Word.

Shark In Venice (2008)

The Hilarious Movie: High concept filmmaking in action, as Stephen Baldwin shrieks his way through this schlocky tale of a shark menacing the waterways of Venice. From the supporting cast's ropey Italian accents to the OTT shark attacks, there's plenty here to raise a smile.

Funniest Moment:
A bickering couple find themselves becoming shark food in one of many deliriously loud attack scenes. Brilliantly, the shark appears only to get his teeth around the boyfriend, but when the scene ends, his partner has disappeared too!

Rawhead Rex (1986)

The Hilarious Movie: Strangely, this '80s slasher movie plays it almost entirely straight, save for the design of Rex himself which is… well, you can see for yourselves. Kind of chips away at the horror aspect, doesn't it?

Funniest Moment: Rex kicks down an old woman's door, sending her flying across the sitting room. Get in there, Rex!

The Expendables 2 (2012)

The Hilarious Movie: Sly Stallone and chums return for this gore-splattered sequel, in which the more straight-laced, pause-for-reflection dialogue is consistently funnier than the out and out jokes. The screening we attended was met with howls of laughter, but not at the moments the filmmakers might have anticipated…

Funniest Moment:
Sly explains to Nan Yu just how his gang face their own mortality: "That’s how we deal with death. We keep it light, until it’s time to go dark. Then we go pitch black. You understand?" Remarkable stuff.

Mosquito (1995)

The Hilarious Movie: This creature feature might have been released in 1995, but its heart lies firmly in the '80s, what with its comedy effects and ludicrous premise. In case you were wondering how those mosquitoes got so big, it's because they were feeding on the arm of a dead alien. Yes, really.

Funniest Moment: One luckless soul finds himself under attack from the giant bugs, only for his face to turn into a clay-mation rictus, complete with melting skin and popping eyes. It can happen.

Samurai Cop (1989)

The Hilarious Movie: Buddy-cop shenanigans with a welcome dose of martial arts ass-whooping thrown in for good measure… what could possibly go wrong? Nothing, provided you like hilariously inept fight scenes and some of the cheesiest dialogue ever to grace an action movie. Which we do, obviously!

Funniest Moment: "Counsellor, before your lawsuit even gets out of the court clerk's desk, i'll have their stinking bodies in garbage bags and ship them back to Japan for fertiliser. Got it?"

Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008)

The Hilarious Movie: Had there not been so much resentment fostered by the thwarted expectations of a legion of Indy fans, Lucas and Spielberg's ill-fated fourth outing might have been hailed as the chucklesome farce it so clearly is. A man swinging with monkeys? A fridge capable of withstanding a nuclear blast? Yes, why not!

Funniest Moment: John Hurt's navel-gazing reply to Indy's query of where the aliens are going next. "Not into space," he responds, sagely. "But into the space between spaces." Right you are old boy.

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