50 most rewatchable movies

21. Goldfinger (1964)

Why It's Rewatchable: To be honest, all of the Bond films qualify for rewatchability--yes, even the duff ones--but this is the standard bearer for the 007 style of girls, gadgets and hat-throwing henchmen.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: Bond is brought in for some unnecessary testicular surgery, simply because Goldfingers expects him to DIE!

20. The Godfather (1972)

Why It's Rewatchable: It's as much of a feast as the huge plates of pasta consumed by the Corleones. Add the sequels and you can make a meal out of it, although many tend to skip dessert.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: The making of Michael Corleone, as dinnertime gets deadly thanks to a hidden gun in the toilet.

19. The Wizard Of Oz (1939)

Why It's Rewatchable: It can be read an infinite number of ways--Freudian dream, Marxist parable or straight-up kids' pic. Salman Rushdie even wrote a book about it.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: Meeting the Scarecrow, Tin Man and (especially) the Cowardly Lion on the Yellow Brick Road.

18. Die Hard (1988)

Why It's Rewatchable: The gradual transformation of Bruce Willis' John McClane from wise-ass to legend, graphically depicted in the gradual destruction of his white vest.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: The disastrous SWAT attack--"the quarterback is toast!"--that highlights just how good McClane really is.

17. Mulholland Dr. (2001)

Why It's Rewatchable: To decide which scenes mean something, and which are hangovers from the original 'TV pilot' premise.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: The smoking-hot audition scene, when we all realised that Naomi Watts was only pretending to give a bad performance.

16. The Usual Suspects (1995)

Why It's Rewatchable: Trying to figure out what, if any, of the story is actually true.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: The priceless look on Chazz Palminteri's face as the penny (and his coffee cup) drops.

15. Fight Club (1999)

Why It's Rewatchable: The rug-pull twist had everyone scurrying back to see how it was done and then we all started noticing those subliminal flashes as Tyler Durden comes to life.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: "Let me tell you about Tyler Durden." The Narrator introduces a manifesto for anarchy, via Tyler's subversive jobs as waiter and cinema projectionist.

14. Anchorman (2004)

Why It's Rewatchable: Director Adam McKay and star Will Ferrell were so unrestrained about what went into the final cut that there's a whole character (Brick Tamland) devoted to quotable non-sequiturs. All together now: "I love lamp."

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: The cameo-laden news crew fight.

13. Alien (1979)

Why It's Rewatchable: The scares still hold up, but it's the intricacy of Scott's world-building--aided by H. R. Giger's creepy design concepts--that really make this a go-back-to, especially on Blu-ray.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: John Hurt's final supper.

12. Aliens (1986)

Why It's Rewatchable: All of the vicarious pleasure of a combat film without any of the trifling guilt you get if it's based on a real war.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: The survivors are back safe aboard the Sulacoand then the Alien Queen rips Bishop in half and Ripley's forced to get handy with a cargo-loader.