50 Most Iconic Movie Looks

Lawrence Of Arabia - Lawrence Of Arabia (1962)

The Look: There aren't many men who could pull off dazzling white robes while riding a camel in the desert, but not many men look like Peter O'Toole. Whichever way you slice it, he's a handsome dude, rendered all the more striking by being swaddled in a blinding outfit. An epic costume for a truly epic movie.

Key Garment:
Lawrence's head-dress marks him out as a leader of men.

Forrest Gump - Forrest Gump (1994)

The Look: A cream summer suit and a plaid shirt with the top button done up: the perfect outfit for a modest man whose life story shot Tom Hanks into the stratosphere. Forrest Gump's journey through the most turbulent years of modern American history was born with a humility that his fashion-free dress sense reflects here.

Key Garment: Forrest's well-worn trainers – this is a man who's travelled much further than you might presume.

Neo - The Matrix (1999)

The Look: The Matrix knew exactly what was required to free humanity from slavery: slick shades and lots of heavy black clothes. Keanu Reeves made taking down AI overlords look effortlessly cool. Well, cool for 1999 anyway. He wasn't to know tastes would change...

Key Garment: Behind those sunglasses lies the truth.

Ghostface - Scream (1996)

The Look: When Scream hit cinemas in 1996, it felt like a new breed of slasher flick. Scary and smart, its masked, black robe-sporting killer was a superb piece of costume design that made the movie one of the year's most memorable.

Key Garment: The Scream mask - instantly iconic and the solution to many a last-minute Halloween costume dilemma.

Harry Potter - Harry Potter series (2001-2011)

The Look: Let's face it, if you were at Hogwarts and ended up anywhere other than Gryffindor, you'd be pretty annoyed. Daniel Radcliffe made the scarlet and gold colours of the UK's premier school of witchcraft and wizardry all his own as Harry Potter, even achieving the impossible and making school uniforms desirable. Magic.

Key Garment: Harry wouldn't be the same slightly flawed hero without his glasses.

Gandalf - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

The Look: They called him Gandalf The Grey for a reason, you know – grey hat, grey robes, grey beard, well, you get the picture. Throw in a well-worn pipe and a gnarled staff, and you've got the ultimate wizard. Ian McKellen made The Fellowship Of The Ring his own, and though he would return dressed in white in later films, he made the most impact swathed entirely in grey.

Key Garment:
The enormous pipe - smoking has never looked so much fun.

Frankenstein's Monster - Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)

The Look: The enormous, heavy black boots and dusty black suit of Boris Karloff’s towering monster in Bride Of Frankenstein is still frighteningly effective today. Throw in the brilliant make-up, including a pinned-together skull and neck bolts, and you’ve one of the greatest costumes in the history of horror.

Key Garment: Those are not the boots of a man.

The Terminator - Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Look: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s leather clad T-800 in Terminator 2 is the lasting image from 1991’s most explosive blockbuster. The clothes, the boots, the motorcycle (all taken in an unforgettable scene at a biker bar) are intimidating, hard-wearing and perfect for a time travelling man-machine.

Key Garment:
A robot shouldn’t need sunglasses, but when he makes them look this cool, why the hell not?

Combo - This Is England (2006)

The Look: A button down Ben Sherman shirt and skinny braces - the ultimate in skinhead style - made for a clean, sharp counterpoint to Stephen Graham’s furious racist Combo. This Is England captured every last detail of the skinhead look, right down to the homemade tattoos.

Key Garment: The crisp Ben Sherman.

Man With No Name - A Fistful Of Dollars (1964)

The Look: It takes something special to make a poncho look anything other than a little bit silly, and Clint Eastwood had that something in spades. The Dollars trilogy wouldn’t have been the same without the Man With No Name’s singular wardrobe.

Key Garment:
No man has worn a poncho with quite so much menace.