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50 Most Exciting Actors Of 2014

Ben Affleck

The Exciting Actor: Played Daredevil, got a bit lost in an ill-advised JLo movie, then made a surprisingly exceptional comeback as a director.

With three directing credits under his belt, Affleck's about to take on the biggest acting role of his career.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year: Though Batman Vs Superman isn't due until 2015, you can bet Batfleck will be making the headlines for most of 2014 - there'll be the obligatory pap shots of him on set plus, hopefully, a teaser at year's end.

Oh, and he's also starring in book adap Gone Girl…

Jennifer Lawrence

The Exciting Actor: Four years after her Oscar nom for Winter's Bone (and one after her win for Silver Livings ), Lawrence continues to deliver on her promise as one of the most exciting young actresses in the biz. 2014 is no different.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year: Basically, it's packed - and every one of them looks like a doozy.

American Hustle, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Serena, X-Men: Days Of Future Past…

Jamie Dornan

The Exciting Actor: If you watched BBC drama The Fall this year, you'll already know who this guy is.

Belfast born and easy on the eyes, he's back on the small screen for season two of The Fall late in 2014, and there's also the small matter of a certain Christian Grey…

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year : It's not out until early 2015, but Dornan's starring role in Fifty Shades Of Grey guarantees that all eyes will be on him throughout 2014 - especially when the first shots (and trailer) for the film explode online.

This film could either make or break his fledgling career…

Dakota Johnson

The Exciting Actor: She's appeared in loads of your favourite movies ( 21 Jump Street , The Social Network), but this 24-year-old Texas native will become a household name this year thanks to a little film called Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year: Not that Johnson's resting on her Anastasia Steel laurels - before she gets hot and heavy with Jamie Dornan, she's also appearing in Need For Speed and Shakespeare adap Cymbeline .

Emily Blunt

The Exciting Actor: Though her early roles were typified by a scathing wit, Blunt's not afraid of getting her hands dirty, something her exceptional turn in Looper proved in 2012.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year: After Looper , Blunt's back in the sci-fi fold with Edge Of Tomorrow (formerly All You Need Is Kill ) alongside Tom Cruise. She plays a badass warrior, which is something we NEED to see.

Blunt also closes out the year with Into The Woods , in which she plays The Baker's Wife. Wonder if she'll cook any witches…

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Exciting Actor: Growing as an actor with every project he undertakes, DiCaprio is still one of the most exciting actors working today. Free of his 'pretty boy' shackles, his movie choices are exacting and tantalising.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year:
Only one film out in 2014, but it's a doozy - with The Wolf Of Wall Street, DiCaprio could finally land that elusive Oscar (he's been nommed three times but never won).

Matthew McConaughey

The Exciting Actor: We're as surprised as anybody else that the one-time rom-com king has turned his career around to such a degree that he's appearing on a list like this. McConaughey's currently giving every lead actor in Hollywood a run for their money.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year: Arguably, 2011 and 2012 belonged to McConaughey, and he's going for gold in 2014 with fantastic AIDS drama The Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf Of Wall Street. This guy can do no wrong…

Eva Green

The Exciting Actor: This year is all about comic-book adaps for the French lovely, who's playing a badass warrior in 300: Rise Of An Empire , and a lascivious madam in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year: 300 will see Green taking on "the most ruthless character I’ve ever played", as she told Total Film.

You want an iconic baddie? Green's about to serve up one you'll never forget.

Gal Gadot

The Exciting Actor: After appearing in three Fast & Furious flicks, this Israeli beauty is set to take the world by storm when she plays Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman, which is due out in 2015.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year: She'll be shooting Batman Vs Superman , which means her profile is set to soar alongside those heroes. And she's already proven she can hold her own against the naysayers.

“By the way, Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast," she shot back after people criticised her casting. This is going to be an interesting ride.

Michael Fassbender

The Exciting Actor: He can do comic-book movies ( X-Men: Days Of Future Past ). He can do explosive drama ( 12 Years A Slave ). He can do oddball indie ( Frank ).

Basically, anything Fassy does is bound to be on our must-see list for 2014.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year:
After being snubbed by the Academy for Shame , Fassy's gets a second chance with 12 Years A Slave , which has been receiving fantastic notices…