50 Greatest Arnie One-Liners

Signing Off

The One-Liner: “You've just been ERASED.” ( Eraser )

If It Was Longer: “You've just been ERASED, like my ex-girlfriend's phone number. And my ex-girlfriend.”

The Fibber

The One-Liner: “I lied!” ( Commando )

If It Was Longer: “I lied! And you fell for it! Ner-ner-ner...”

Frosty Reception

The One-Liner: “Ice to see you.” ( Batman & Robin )

If It Was Longer: Ice to see you. I knew we'd meet up sundae , even if it meant freezing out some of our other friends. Ho-ho-ho.”

If It Rhymes

The One-Liner: “Yakety Yak, don’t talk back!” ( Twins )

If It Was Longer: “Yakety Yak, don’t talk back! Also, shut the fuck up.”

A Quick Game

The One-Liner: “Who is your Daddy and what does he do?” ( Kindergarten Cop )

If It Was Longer: “Who is your Daddy, what does he do, and could he beat me in an arm-wrestling match? If you think so, sign up sheet's outside the locker room. BRING IT ON.”

Blood Matters

The One-Liner: “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” ( Predator )

If It Was Longer: “If it bleeds, we can kill it. Then when we kill it, we'll made it goddamn bleed.”

Vitriolic Villains

The One-Liner: “Alright everyone, chill.” ( Batman & Robin )

If It Was Longer: “Alright everyone, chill. Let's take a moment to cool off.”

Men Dont Cry

The One-Liner: “Milk is for babies. Men drink beer.” ( Pumping Iron )

If It Was Longer: “Milk is for babies. Men drink beer. And read The Sun . And slap women's arses when they walk by. And don't understand what the word 'feminism' means. And...”

Trail Of Destruction

The One-Liner: General Kirby: Leave anything for us?
Matrix: Just bodies. ( Commando )

If It Was Longer: "Just bodies. And a lot of grieving widows."


The One-Liner: “Look who’s talking.” ( Total Recall )

If It Was Longer: “Look who’s talking. Funny story, I almost starred in that movie, but Bruce Willis beat me to it. Something about his voice being easier to understand...”

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