5 Most Cinematic Games Heading to Xbox One

With new, ever-groundbreaking, pixel-pulsating gaming technology, so comes the opportunity to blend the already blurring lines between cinema and video games even further.

Hollywood actors, award-winning scripts and direction, and stunningly lifelike graphics are now par for the course - and the Xbox One looks like it'll capitalise in fine form, with a host of launch and forthcoming games that look just as fresh, exciting and blockbuster-tastic as anything Tinseltown's biggest studios have on the release slate.

So join us as we run through (and get very excited by) the five most cinematic games heading to the Xbox One.

Dead Rising 3

In you hadn't noticed, zombies are so in right now.

And while Dead Rising is a franchise that's long celebrated the joy of escaping from/graphically murderising everyone's favourite brain-munching undead, it's its third outing - and next gen debut - that had us really excited.

Equal parts Mad Max, Zombieland and George Romero, it throws a modifiable vehicle-stuffed garage and open world into the mix, to ensure you're as busy van-ramming your way through zombies as you are decapitating them.

The debut teaser trailer alone promised enough wit, gore, dramatic scope and ingenuity to get even the most passing of zombie fans excited.

Watch Dogs

Imagine The Matrix without the superpowers and with a plot that focuses more on fascinating real world technologies and counter-culture guerrillas, and less of the techno S'n'M orgies and mechanical flying squids and you're halfway to understanding Watch Dogs.

The phenomenal, breathtakingly realistic graphics are only the beginning. The plot, which puts you in the shoes of an underground hacker striking back at an omnipresent, data-snaffling government, opens a whole world of fascinating cinematic possibilities.

Quite simply, it allows you to tackle any conflict with smarts as well as fists. Hack people's phones on the move, change traffic lights at a whim, and intercept mainframes with ease to guarantee a series of stunningly chaotic set pieces.

It's like every hacker movie you've ever seen - but actually exciting.

Tom Clancy's The Division

We know we've been banging on about lifelike graphics already, but take one look at the footage from Tom Clancy's The Division and try to tell us you've seen CGI movies more realistic.

Tom Clancy's not a man who's shy of some Hollywood experience (see also: The Sum of All Fears, Jack Ryan movies etc), and while he may have sadly recently passed away, his genius story lines live on.

Ubisoft's action RPG is set in the aftermath of a bio-terrorist attack, and puts you on the frontline of learning to survive in a world we've never had to comprehend.

That's a Hollywood tech-thriller if ever we've heard one.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

If it's one word that's used over and over again when describing Hideo Kojima's espionage action series, it's cinematic.

Also bonkers, but then that's half the fun.

MGS V takes things to a whole new level, with a plot that's set across two time periods (convoluted continuity, hello!), plonks you in the well-worn battle hardened shoes of Snake in both Cuba and Afghanistan (and that's just for starters), and controversially replaces Snake's iconic voice actor David Hayter with bonafide Hollywood superstar Kiefer Sutherland.

Expect stunning graphics, addictive action, plot twists galore and some very, very cinematic cutscenes.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, as much as we love them, haven't been at the top of their booty-bartering game for a while now.

Yet Assassin's Creed's first foray onto the piratey open seas is epic and rum-soaked enough to steal the cinematic yohoho crown.

Throw in the fact that a movies is in the pipeline (produced by Michael Fassbender no less), and that the seat pieces we've seen are action-packed and piratey enough to sate the hardiest of grumblers, and Black Flag looks every inch the blockbuster in the making.