4 gifs that show how to spread zombie Christmas cheer in Dead Rising 4's DLC

Despite taking place during the Christmas season, Dead Rising 4 could stand to feel a little more … festive. Thankfully, that's what the Stocking Stuffer DLC - available today as part of the game's season pass or by itself for $5/£4 - is designed to bring to the game. Check it out, or skip ahead if you want a highlight reel, gif-style:

I get the feeling the new costumes for zombies will prove cathartic for someone who was terrified of mall Santas and their holly jolly helpers as a child.

Hey, if Snapchat can have special filters, why can't Frank West? He deserves it; he's covered wars, y'know.

Here's what I think when I look at this particularly cheery bat: Fa la la la la, la la Lucille.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer… will seriously mess you up if you get in his way. I don't know how or why it shoots lasers, but this probably isn't the video game universe to be asking that.

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