360 will offer "true HD"

A software update for Xbox 360 will be released later this year to enhance the console's hi-def visuals and enable Microsoft's machine to output a 1080p resolution image - matching PlayStation 3's ability to create what Sony calls "true HD." This will coincide with the launch of 360's HD DVD drive, due out in Japan on 17 November for 19,800 yen. A US release date has not been confirmed, but we know the drive is headed our way eventually.

While much has been made about the lackof an HDMI port on the Xbox 360 ,1080p can be achieved with standard component cables (and those come with the 360). The machine will "upsample" 1080i content to 1080p, so you won't need any new cables or hardware to get the maximum image quality. This boost is primarily to benefit HD-DVD movies; it remains to be seen how it will affect games.

Microsoft's big Xbox 360 event, X06, kicksoff in Barcelona next week, and GamesRadar will be there; we expect more detailsthen.

September 20, 2006