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30 Most Dangerous Movie Cities

Basin City - Sin City (2005)

The City: A hedonistic urban den, Basin City offers every type of pleasure and pain for residents and visitors. The police are equally as corrupt as its twisted citizens,

Why So Dangerous? The gigantic street wars attract the red light ladies, crooked cops and mobsters all desperate to spill their enemy’s blood.

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “Don’t Trust Anybody!”

Detroit - Robocop (1987)

The City: A ruinous dystopia, the future Detroit of Paul Verhoeven’s imagination is a broken down city running rampant with crime and on the cusp of a complete collapse.

Why So Dangerous? The police forces gives an outside corporation free rein to do whatever they please. In the interests of the people (and their wallets) they demolish entire neighbourhoods. You might want to watch out for the prototype enforcement droids - they’re a bit twitchy with their trigger fingers.

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “Privately funded for your peril.”

Castle Rock - Stephen King Movies

The City: An unassuming Maine town, Castle Rock is host to a number of supernatural occurrences despite its butter-wouldn’t-melt image. Cujo, Stand By Me, Needful Things and The Dead Zone are all set here.

Why So Dangerous? There’s a murderous rabid dog and Satan runs an antique store. And they’re but two of many reasons...

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “Beware of the dog.”

Silent Hill - Silent Hill (2006)

The City: An abandoned ghost town, Silent Hill is a smidgen hard to pin down. You’ll be lucky to find the place beneath the thick shower of ash and dust motes.

Why So Dangerous? At the whim of a tortured young girl, the whole place transforms into a hideous town riddled with plug-ugly monsters and a cult who’ll burn you alive.

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “You’ll wish you went to Disneyland.”

Venusville - Total Recall (1990)

The City: An enclosed Martian metropolis populated by mutated citizens who distract themselves from their dingy existence by hanging out in scabby bars trying not to get killed.

Why So Dangerous? The confined space means there’s no escape, and if you do? The high levels of radiation polluting the atmosphere will either kill or permanently deform you.

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “Come see the three-boobed lady!”

Dark City - Dark City (1998)

The City: A futuristic monochrome city, The City’s towering architecture and grimy backalleys never see the light of the day. The gloom gives citizens free rein to a host of activities better served under cover of darkness.

Why So Dangerous? The darkness is a construct developed by a race of bald aliens who tinker with people’s memories at night.

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “Go on a bender in Dark City! You won’t remember ‘cause we’ll erase your memories!”

Cidade De Deus - City Of God (2003)

The City: This slum is one of Rio’s most notorious suburbs, with rival gangs regularly competing for a bigger stake in the drug trade - and taking out anyone who stands in their way.

Why So Dangerous? You’re not only contending with gangster wannabes packing heat, the kids here brandish firearms like they’re toy guns.

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “Cidade De Deus - Sponsored by Kevlar”

New York - Escape From New York (1981)

The City: A result of escalating crime levels in the United States, the government transforms Manhattan into a high-level maximum security prison. Convicts live out a life sentence in a lawless wasteland, contained by a 50ft high surrounding wall.

Why So Dangerous? This is an entire city of violent offenders, all free to engage in whatever activity they choose. If that doesn’t have you quaking in your boots, the entire perimeter is laced with landmines to prevent prisoners from escaping.

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “Watch your step!”

Amity Island - Jaws (1975)

The City: A cosy beachside town in New England, Amity Island has everything to offer families looking for a summer getaway.

Why So Dangerous? The beaches here spew up a whole manner of body parts on account of the shark-infested waters. Your safest bet for paddles and sunbathing is by the pool at your hotel.

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “You may need to invest in a larger sea vessel.”

Gotham - The Dark Knight (2008)

The City: A dark, brooding cityscape, Gotham’s streets are cluttered with every type of villainy imaginable. Its honest citizens live in a constant state of peril at the hands of Bruce Wayne’s numerous enemies.

Why So Dangerous? The Joker’s tyranny means he’s content with blowing up banks, hospitals and... well, everything! If you can’t trust two typically safe institutions, there’s no place to turn.

The Welcome Sign Should Read: “Currently Under Destruction.”

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