30 Awesome Rare Movie Star Photos

Sean Connery & Brigitte Bardot

Sean bonds with the Gallic sex siren in a curious meeting of underarm and head rather than minds.

Taken during the shooting of stodgy 1968 western Shalako .

Christopher Walken

Nah... That can't be Christopher Walken. Looks more like a buffed-up Mark Hamill.

But, before he specialised as Hollywood's go-to guy for anybody needing crazies, psychopaths and all-round odd bods, Walken was a fresh-faced, fighting-fit dancer.

One day, we promise to ask him what happened to make him become so unsettling.

Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon

Jack and Tony made cinema history dragging up as Josephine and Daphne, the heroes of Some Like It Hot .

But it wasn't their last collaboration: they joined Blake Edwards' The Great Race in 1965, determined to prove their manhood by looking as butch as possible.

We think Lemmon's overdone it a bit with that... hell, what is that thing on his upper lip?

Marlon Brando

On-screen, Brando’s brooding, intense machismo was the look of the early 50s.

Little did his adoring fans know that in private Brando was a sensitive softie, collaborating with a friend on his pet project - an adaptation of Cats .

Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith

Long before Miami Vice , Don Johnson was most famous for another kind of vice - his scandalous relationship with Tippi Hedren's jailbait daughter.

This pic was taken in 1975, which would make Griffith legal...just about. But bear in mind they'd already been dating several years by this point.

Jane Fonda

She'd go on to become an intergalactic sex siren in Barbarella , win an Oscar playing a prostitute in Klute , and give horny teenagers a helping hand by inventing the celebrity work-out video.

But, as this pic shows, she was a flirty/dirty, skirts-up kinda gal long before that. Plus, she plays a mean hand of cards. Jane Fonda, we salute you.

Jack Nicholson, Lauren Bacall & Warren Beatty

In the late 70s, Warren could have anybody he wanted – and frequently did. A recent book guesstimates a staggering 12,775 notches on his bedpost.

But, judging by this shot, Golden Age temptress Bacall was the one that got away, as a rueful Beatty concedes defeat to his mate Jack.

Alfred Hitchcock

What does it take to scare The Master of Suspense, the man who turned showers, birds and the view out of the window into objects of terror?

According to this shot, he has a morbid fear of being dragged through the snow by what appears to be a Yeti. Which is probably why he never made a film about abominable snowmen.

Marilyn Monroe

Out came the peroxide curls, full-bodied pout and how-low-can-you-go necklines, and it was goodbye, Norma Jeane.

Yet, as this off-the-cuff shot from early in her career proves, the fragile girl behind the 'Marilyn' image occasionally resurfaced.

Michael & Kirk Douglas

Few Hollywood father/son dynasties look as alike as the Douglases. The only way to tell them apart is fashion - while old-school Kirk favours the rugged cowboy look, modern man Michael prefers a fluffy dressing gown.

They’re pictured here in 1969, when Kirk visited his son on the set of his first major film, Hail, Hero!