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25 heart-warming retro references in 3D Dot Game Heroes

Regardless of what we gave3D Dot Game Heroesin our review today, it’s a 10 or 11 in terms of raw nostalgia! Yes, most of you probably know that the game is steeped in Dragon Quest and Zelda, but Atlus’ new throwback also contains about a billion other nods to all those games you’ve loved before. Hell, the load screens alone are enough to get lawyers’ spidey senses tingling.

Above: Seriously, ain't these precious?!

There are over a hundred, in fact, and they all lovingly reference famous box art from the US and Japan. Below you’ll find our personal favorites (or at least the ones we recognized,)but know thatthere are still plenty of others for you to unlock and decipher using obscure knowledge your parents saidyou’d never use. Enjoy!

Above: Castlevania

Above: Dragon Warrior

Above: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Above: Final Fantasy III

Above: Final Fantasy IV (JP)

Above: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Above: Street Fighter II

Above: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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