200 Edge covers in 20 seconds

So if you’re mad for Master Chief, delirious over Deus Ex or want to dip into the man-mashing nostalgia of Streets of Rage; Edge has you covered with their vast array of covers celebrating nearly 20 years of videogame culture. It’s subscribers who get the best deal, though, as they’ll be sent a special cover co-designed by the mag and LittleBigPlanet makers Media Molecule. Below we've included all 200 in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it 20 second video.

After you finish messing your pants over the fanboy-pleasing art on the front, the mag has put together loads of great features to celebrate their advanced years in style. To kick things off there’s a feature looking at the 100 best games to play today. An exhaustive look at the history of Sony’s market-changing PlayStation. And even an interview with the much forgotten co-founder of Atari, Ted Dabney, who gives his side of the story for the first time in 35 years.

The issue goes on sale Thursday 12th of March for the paltry sum of £4.50. Try not to fatally stab anyone when you get into fights for the Goldeneye cover.