20 Xbox games will be playable for the first time before PAX Prime

Xbox had a pretty sizeable showcase at Gamescom, but it looks as though the ID@Xbox department didn't quite show it's full hand in Germany. Or even half of its hand, maybe, given this tweet from Microsoft's in-house self-publishing programme:

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The ID@Xbox account went on to confirm that you don't have to be a PAX Prime attendee to visit this showcase either - if you're in the Redmond area, I advise you to head down.

Obvious missing candidates from last week's show are Playdead's Inside and Capy Games' Below (although Below was playable at E3), but we've still seen nothing of Ghost of a Tale, Space Engineers, Rivals of Aether and far more that's been announced in previous months. Perhaps even some of the games announced at Gamescom, including a console version of Cities: Skyline, could make an appearance?

We should have an answer later this week, given Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb's response:

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Joe Skrebels
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