20 things to do in the first hour of Need For Speed: Most Wanted

10. Get busted

We wouldnt normally recommend failing, but getting caught not only yields another achievement, but it also has a cute little top-down moment, GTA-style, where the cops continue to ram your broken car. Surely that's unnecessary?

11. Have some fun 'under construction'

Interstate 192 has some flyovers part-way through being built. There are pipes to jump through and suspended platforms to leap at and precariously park on, just to test your brakes, of course.

12. Burnout!

Expel an entire boost bar in one go (without hitting anything) to earn another achievement and feel the need. The need for spee... Oh, we've done that one already. Sorry.

13. Crash, dummy

Its worth crashing head-on into something, if only to see that your driver is rendered inside the car, enjoying a face meets steering wheel moment. Hey, at least hes wearing a helmet.

14. Pretend it's Sega Rally

Get to the lighthouse at Fairhaven and youll find this Lancia Delta Integrale, co-star of the classic 1995 arcade racer, Sega Rally Championship.

15. "Game over, yeah!"

Then crash it into the sea by driving through the flimsy barriers. Ahahahaha!

16. Perform a Takedown on a cop

We did it by making them fall short on a jump. Losers! You can also get easy takedown bonuses by T-boning police cars trying to turn in the road ahead.

17. Try to fill your heat meter all the way

We almost made it to maximum heat (that's the top of the 'you've been this much naughty' gauge), before this little situation finally brought our rampage to an end. It was most definitely fun while it lasted. How long can you last?

18. Drive around the modern art

This fancy-looking modern art installation at Gunderson Avenue North (low/centre of the map) is as fun to drive around as it looks like its going to be. Especially when the police get on it with you. Sadly, you don't get an achievement for being so creative.

19. Try to nail this jump

Vincennes Road literally has you jumping through a hoop to reach this billboard. You need a lot of speed--more than our paltry 94 MPH on this attempt. Of course we got it in the end.

Justin Towell

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