18 signs you’re playing too much Overwatch

This is an intervention. Yes, Overwatch is one of the most fun and delightful team-based shooters to grace our consoles in years. But it’s important to set some boundaries. With a game this prone to delivering zany moments and last-minute victories, it’s easy for “Just one or two matches” to become an entire evening lost to adventuring with these heroes. 

So know your limits. Remember to put the controller down every couple of hours and get some fresh air.  And be alert for any of these warning signs that maybe, just maybe, your time with Overwatch has gone a wee bit too far.

1. This has become your default greeting. (Seriously, was your voice always this gravelly?)

2. You’ve busted out your old roller blades again. Although you’d rather not talk about your less-than-graceful attempt at wall riding...

3. To get people in your office mobilized for a meeting, you yell “Form up on the payload!” You are saddened when they ignore you (but not surprised).

4. Your roommate caught you whispering “Helden sterben nicht” to your dessicated houseplants. 

5. Whenever someone asks for the time, you always say the same thing.

6. You’ve become very edgy around your Roomba…

7. …and around spiders.

8. Your interactions with Brits have gotten awkward, because if they remain motionless for several seconds, you poke them and ask if they’re afk.

9. You’ve thought about what your own Play of the Game intro would look like, but you’re pretty sure it could never be as cute as Mei’s.

10. You yelled “Apagando las luces!” when you finally remembered the password to your Humble Bundle account.

Anna Washenko
Freelance Writer

Anna is a freelance writer who has written for the likes of GamesRadar, Ars Technica, Blizzard Watch, and Mashable. She's also created games as part of various game jams. Anna likes games about solving puzzles and/or shooting things. She wishes she could trade zingers with GLaDOS and have beers with Garrus Vakarian in real life.